Do you have a store front?
We sure fucking do! In July 2021 we opened a retail shop at the front of our production studio where you can pop by and shop Pretty by Her products along with amazing products sold by some of Kelly's favourite brands. Click here to learn about our location and business hours.

How long will my order take?
Our current processing time to prepare orders for shipment is approximately 3-5 business days. Sometimes things are ready sooner and sometimes we need a little extra time. Shipping length depends on your location and the method of shipment you select when you pay. For more detailed information on shipping click here.

Is local pick up available?
It sure is! If you're local to KW you can select the local pick up option at check out to have your shipping charges deducted and can pick up right from the production studio at 180 Shearson Cres Unit 1 in Cambridge. You'll see a local pick up option in the shipping section at check out and once your order is ready for pick up, you'll receive an email with pick up instructions.

Do you have a list of stores that carry your products?
We sure do. You can find it here.

Can you send directly to the recipient on my behalf?
Absolutely! Fill out the recipient's information in the shipping section and if you'd like a note added, let us know in the special instructions section at check out! 

Can you add a message to the inside of my card?
Personalized messages to the inside of your card can be added, however since all cards a pre-printed, any text added to the inside of the card will be written by hand. Leave us a note when you check out and keep in mind that your message needs to fit inside the card, so keep it short and sweet :)

Do you do custom orders?
We know how much our customers love custom Pretty by Her products but at the current time custom orders are closed for individual orders. If you're interested in a bulk custom order, feel free to connect with us to chat further.

Do you sell wholesale?
We sure do! Visit our wholesale section to check out our wholesale guide and to apply!

How do I properly burn a soy candle?
To ensure an even burn and to minimize tunnelling and wax on the sides of your jar, burn your soy candle until the wax pool reaches the edge of the jar. (Usually about one hour per inch of diameter). This is especially important on your first burn.

Always Always Always trim your wick 1/4" before relighting your candle. This will help to prevent soot and smoke and will yield a longer burn life.

Avoid burning your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time! Burning longer than 4 hours will create a large flame which results in soot and smoke, increase the risk of fire and will reduce the lifespan of the candle. If you notice your flame dancing around like the a wacky inflatable tube man - extinguish your candle, let it cool and then trim the wick down to 1/4" before relighting.

I noticed that the handle of my mug is turning blue. Is this normal?
Guess what! It actually was always blue, but only in direct sunlight. There was a period of time when we weren't able to procure our regular black handled mugs and these were the only black handled mugs we could get our hands on. We were aware of this quirk, but made the executive decision that since it's only noticeable in direct sunlight and since customers love the black handled mugs so deeply, to use the alternate supplier instead of discontinuing this style. The great news is that supply chain with our preferred supplier is back in action and this shouldn't be a problem with future orders. 

I noticed that the image of my mug has substantially faded. Is this normal?
Cringe Cringe Cringe! Definitely not normal and we are so sorry that happened. One of the challenges during the pandemic was sourcing consistent quality supplies and we now are aware that we had a batch of defective supplies resulting in fading after dishwashing. Send over an email to and include a photo of your mug and we will take good care of you!