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Undercarriage Deodorant

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    Why Undercarriage Deodorant?
    Undercarriage Deodorant was chosen as one of my handpicked brands because quite frankly, I can't live without it.

    The journey to find a natural deodorant that actually worked was a rocky start. In fact, I was testing out a different brand of natural deodorant when I met my partner Shane. I must have won him over with my personality and charm because I fucking stank so bad on our first date. This journey even inspired this love card.

    I was absolutely stoked when I discovered Undercarriage! And as an added bonus, Undercarriage Deodorant is woman owned and their branding is exceptionally cool. 

    Apply under your arms, under your belt and under your boobies! If you've got sensitive skin, consider the NO BS deodorant (no baking soda).

    3 products
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