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Aren't You Fancy

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    Why Aren't You Fancy?
    Aren't You Fancy was selected for the shop for two very important reasons. First, because I own one of Andrea's hot/cold eye pillows and it is one of my most used possessions and also because I am a fabric snob and will only buy things made with cool fabric (which is actually so, so hard to find). As an added bonus, the covers are removable and washable!

    These lavender eye pillows can be used hot or cold and are great for reclined meditation, yoga nidra, savasana, migraines, headaches and sore muscles.

    I also have a bladder condition which causes chronic pelvic pain and my hot/cold pillow provides immense relief on the regular (yep, I put mine on my vagina and now you all know). 
    1 product
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    Daisy Eye Pillow | Aren't You Fancy - Pretty by Her- handmade locally in Cambridge, Ontario
    Daisy Eye Pillow | Aren't You Fancy
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