Pretty Points

Earn Free Stuff with the Pretty Points Program from Pretty by Her

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did you know we have an incredible rewards program at Pretty by Her called Pretty Points? it's like our own special club and we want to extend a special invite, just to you!

here's how it works:

every $1 spent = 5 Pretty Points

sign up bonus = 100 Pretty Points

follow on Instagram = 50 Pretty Points
like on Facebook = 50 Pretty Points
share on Facebook = 50 Pretty Points

Write a product review = 100 Pretty Points

and because birthdays are our favourite

Birthday Reward = 1000 Pretty Points

ways to spend your pretty points

$5 off coupon = 500 Pretty Points
$10 off coupon = 1000 Pretty Points
$25 off coupon = 2500 Pretty Points

perks for telling your friends about us

do you rave about us to all your friends? um, we're flattered!

send your friends a $10 off coupon 
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YOU get 10% off your next order over $100! 

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