Oh hey there, if you've made it this far that means that you're sassy too and I think we'd get along great, so let me introduce myself.

I’m Kelly and in 2016 I opened Pretty by Her in the Waterloo Region as a fun little side gig out of my love for creativity while I worked my other dream job as a Social Worker in the Children’s Mental Health field. I never expected that my tiny little side hustle would evolve into a full time career, but it sure did and in September 2018 I left my social work job to give Pretty by Her my full attention. 

Using Pretty by Her as a platform for helping others feel better has always been the main vision of the business. I am a strong believer in the power of kindness and laughter and so every product I make is designed with the intention to make people feel good - either through sassy humour or kind and caring words.

Pretty by Her also donates a portion of every order to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention programs and services in the community, because mental health matters and I dream of a world where everyone who needs it has access to affordable mental health services.

I should also probably mention that my attention to detail is pretty spectacular (okay, I am a hard core perfectionist) which means every step of the process from designing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping is done to my super duper high standards (don't judge me for using the term super duper, I'm cool - I swear). 

If you're curious about what the "her" behind Pretty by Her looks like, I have included a lovely photo of myself for your viewing pleasure!