Exciting Changes at Pretty By Her: A Personal Update
Dear Pretty By Her Community,
Hello Friends!
First off, I want to acknowledge that the reason you are not reading a notice about another business closure is because of your ongoing support and loyalty to Pretty by Her. I am forever grateful for the incredible community that has grown around my products, brand and values. 
As many of you know, 2023 has brought forth some exciting changes to my personal life (hello husband Dave and baby Ophelia) and challenges to my professional life (hello economic fuckery, rising supply and overhead costs, and diminishing sales).
Now that I am in the full throttles of motherhood, I have thoughtfully examined all aspects of the operations of the business and have decided to make some adjustments to better align with what brings me the most joy and passion and to allow me to have stronger work life balance for my family while ensuring PBH can continue to persevere through this economic climate.
Scaled Back Staffing: I have had to make the very difficult decision to make (hopefully temporary) adjustments to the team here at PBH. This means you'll be hearing from a seeing a lot more of me as it will be primarily me making and fulfilling orders! Your continued support means the world to me, and to make things smoother, I ask that you place orders in advance whenever possible! As always if you need something in a pinch, connect with me and I will always try my best.
Retail Shop Closure: Our retail shop is closing temporarily to allow me to have more flexibility in my schedule to be present for my little Ophelia as she is my very top priority. You can still order online for shipment or to schedule a curb side pick up. We likely will move to some occasional pop up shopping times, so check social media for update on this!
Candle Drops: Moving forward, seasonal PBH candles will be launched in a "drop style" manner, meaning they will be available in limited quantities. So be sure to grab your favourites while you can. I have a fun spring launch in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.
Phasing Out Mugs: We're saying goodbye to (most of) our mugs. I know how much you all love your sassy PBH mugs and it was a difficult decision to make. This process will be gradual and it's okay to have a little cry about it (I know I did). We likely will still carry a small collection of mugs, but aren't quite sure what that will look like yet.
Exciting New Products: Stay tuned for new and exciting products coming soon-ish. I'll be sharing sneak peeks on social media as these products start to come to fruition. 
Thank you for being part of the Pretty By Her journey. Your support and understanding during this transition are greatly appreciated.
Please enjoy this Wilson Phillips GIF about things going your way if you just hold on for one more day, yeah.
Love you,