Supporting Menstrual Equity & Ending Period Poverty

by Savanna Mehrad

Pretty by Her was built on strong brand values, one of which is Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, which is why we are so excited to announce this exciting partnership between Changing the Flow and Pretty by Her.

Changing the Flow is an incredible Canadian social enterprise based in Waterloo, Ontario, dedicated to the achievement of menstrual equity and the elimination of stigma surrounding periods. With a vision that menstruation be destigmatized, Changing the Flow works towards this goal through awareness, education and implementation. With your help, one day, every public and workplace washroom will provide access to period products, just like toilet paper.

Periods do not stop for anything, and we won't stop either. Will you help?

The PBH X Changing the Flow partnership is the perfect way for you to be a part of this much needed initiative. 

How Does It Work?

Kelly has come up with this awesome way to help end period poverty and support menstrual equity in the community: an online donation bundle called We Are Community.

Each We Are Community bundle is donated to Reception House to support their work in Waterloo Region.

We are Community bundles can be purchased for $25 and are available here on the Changing the Flow site

IMPORTANT INFO:  When you purchase this item, you will not receive any product. Your purchase is donated directly to the community organization and will help people who menstruate.The box edition, and period products mix may differ from the illustration. 

What is in each bundle?

Mostly period products, of course.  The sizes and type varies based on the needs of the people we serve, and we always make sure to provide options.  We also include a period product holder (a period box) in every bundle. 

About the Period Box Designs

We currently have three different period box designs available as part of the We Are Community period box donation bundle, two of which were designed by artists from communities that are frequently under represented in the public space. 

We chose to work with Black artists for these first two editions, and we are so excited to share these unique creations with the community.

One day, period products will be readily available in all washrooms, just like toilet paper. Until then, each time someone like you purchases this We Are Community bundle, we get a step closer to ending period poverty.

Support Menstrual Equity Now

Want to be a part of this incredible initiative? Head here to purchase a We Are Community bundle for donation now or support the Changing the Flow initiative through their period stickers or period tote bags that we carry in our store.



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