5 Reasons Why You Should Propagate Your Plants

by Savanna Mehrad
Have a favourite houseplant that you absolutely adore? You should totally propagate it and make some more plant babies! Here are five benefits of propagating your houseplants at home.

Handcrafted wood plant stands and propagation stands sit on a wooden shelf, featuring pothos, monstera, snake plant and spider plant cuttings in propagation tubes, available at Pretty by Her

1. Copy + Paste -More of your Favourite Houseplant Features!

Did you know that, according to Purdue University, propagating plants, as opposed to starting them from seed, is the only way to copy unique desirable features or characteristics of your houseplants? If, for example, your favourite pothos plant has stunning marble varigation in it's leaves, propagating it is the only guaranteed way to carry that desirable trait onto a new plant. We think this is all the more reason to propagate, don't you? Not sure where to get started, check out this article from The Sill about propagating plants for beginners.

2. Save Money! - More plants for NO more money!

The best part of propagating your own houseplants? IT'S FREE! All you need is water and a vessel to hold it -  voila! If you want to get a little extra fancy, check out these stunning handcrafted wood and glass propagation stations by Kelly Built Woodworks. Pairing your plant propagation cuttings with an aesthetically appealing propagation station results in the most stunning of home decor pieces that feels both modern and organic in nature. Plus, by showcasing your plants to do double duty of houseplant slash home decor, there's just one more way you've kept more money in your pocket ;)

3. Faster Growth Time

Seed vs Established Leaf - which grows faster? Having an established plant cutting that you propagate allows you to skip all the time, care and nurturing required to grow a plant from seed. Depending on what type of plant you're trying to propagate - we're looking at you pothos and spider plants! - certain species grow WAY faster than others. Think of propagating as allowed cheating; it's the head start you've always dreamt of with results that make everyone a winner!

4. Improved Quality of Life

Plants have been shown to improve mental health & make significant improvements to indoor air quality - win-win! We're all about supporting mental health over here so that alone is reason enough for every single one of our customers to start propagating some new plants! Think you have a black thumb? Don't fret! A snake plant is virtually impossible to kill (and also something you can propagate!)

5. Learn Something New!

Learning to propagate your own houseplants is such a wonderful new hobby to add to your repertoire. Learning about all the different propagation techniques, what plants are best for beginner propagators, tips & tools of the trade...well, if you need a new self-care hobby, propagating houseplants ranks highly on our list. Want to get started learning all about water propagation? Check out this post from Mod & Mint with everything you need to get started, plus lots more tips and tricks for plant care once you're invested to the cause.

Do you propagate houseplants? What's your favourite plant to take cuttings from?

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